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The Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings' (CARB) goal is to develop and promote home-building innovations that lower the amount of energy consumed in American dwellings.


Building America - Featured Resources

EcoVillage: A Net Zero Energy Ready Community - Ithaca, New York EcoVillage cohousing community on their third neighborhood — the Third Residential EcoVillage Experience (TREE). Download report.

Conway Street Apartments Deep Energy Retrofit - Greenfield, MA The Olive Street Development transformed an old elementary school building into 12 high-end rental apartments.Download Report

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Apartment Compartmentalization With an Aerosol-Based Sealing ProcessThe innovation demonstrated under this research study was the automated air sealing and compartmentalization of buildings with an aerosolized sealant.Download report.

Moisture Research - Optimizing Wall Assemblies The hygothermal performance of different wall assemblies that are gaining popularity in the market, but have yet to be comprehensively monitored with respect to moisture and heat transfer. Download Report.

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Air Sealing Guide: Multifamily Garden Style Construction Guidance on how to create an effective pressure boundary around conditioned space.Download report.

Advanced Framing II Details for two and three studded corners, t-intersections, and rim-board window headers.Download Report.

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Heat Pump Water Heater Selection and Quality Installation Guide Guide to selecting an installation location for a heat pump water heater, selecting the right unit, installing a HPWH, and operating and maintaining a HPWH. Download report.

Control Strategies for Condensing Boilers Guide for designers and installers of hydronic heating systems to maximize the overall system efficiency of condensing boilers when coupled with baseboard convectors. Download Report.

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